”A game of unmitigated beauty." – Polygon

PC/Mac PS4 XB1

Feist is fantastic.

– John Romero

Some of the best game art I've seen.

– Destructoid

There's a purity of vision in its savage scenarios. Each enemy in this spooky world has a complex AI that takes advantage of the ever shifting landscape.

– Eurogamer

Remarkably tense for a platformer. The Combat encounters feel like real-life brawls: graceless, messy, and staggeringly violent.

– Pcgamer

It's easy to feel as though you're interacting with a live painting rather than a video game.

– Vgchartz

Handmade like an Aston Martin, imagined as art, loved as a child. Feist almost never reveals itself as a game while you’re playing it, which is an absolute triumph today.

– Clickindie

A fine magical tone to the world.

– Rock Paper Shotgun
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